I’ve been in the business for a long time and have built up years of knowledge and expertise.  I’m one of the few realtors that can help you with...

Market Analysis and Research

  • Analyzing sales histories in your neighborhood
  • Locating and analyzing properties for large condo and town home projects
  • Analyzing demographics
  • Identifying your current buying and selling needs
  • Reviewing and analyzing project pricing mix to secure the best price for you

Assistance with Design Features for project sales

  • Securing interior designers for color schemes, flooring materials, and countertops
  • Securing designers for exterior colors and  finishing
  • Securing building and landscape architects  

Public Consultation and Stakeholder Relations

  • Assisting contractors and developers with property re-zoning with the goal of constructing large condo or town home projects
  • Contacting neighbors to inform them of proposed projects being planned for their area
  • Contacting and consulting with community associations to show them the rough plans of condo or town home projects that are being proposed for their neighborhood
  • Organizing the public consultation process with people living in the neighborhood prior to commencing the public hearing process
  • Guiding developers and contractors through the 10-step process required to get approval from city hall or the municipality to build large condo or town home projects

Sales and Marketing

Developing all sales and marketing materials

  • Offering a large network of financial, legal and real estate service providers
  • Managing all sales of homes, condos and town homes
  • Managing all advertising
  • Developing buyer profile statistics