Listen to what Brian Sharp, Managing Director of DFH Real Estate Ltd., has to say about Ron Bahrey. As an owner of DFH Real Estate Ltd., Brian Sharp has worked with hundreds of realtors over the years. Brian Sharp believes Ron Bahrey is a solid and seasoned professional in the real estate industry. Hear how Ron can help you find your dream home.


Project development, sales and marketing

There are very few realtors that have experience in project development; stakeholder relations; advising the developers on city and municipal bylaws and obtaining the proper building permits; coordinating legal requirements for real estate deals; and project sales and marketing. Ron understands not only the real estate industry, but also the requirements of all related investors and stakeholders. Listen to Brian Sharp describe Ron's broad and deep understanding of project development, sales and marketing.



Mary Anderson will tell you how Ron Bahrey helped her find the home she always dreamed of. Mary has been so happy with Ron’s real estate services over the years, that she now has her entire family working with Ron. Mary and her family depend on Ron for counsel, advice, assistance with buying or selling, or structuring real estate transactions.


Ron is well respected in the business community and works with a wide network of industry professionals. Listen to what Gerry Smith, a TD bank mortgage broker, says about Ron Bahrey.

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